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T'Challa begibt sich zurück in seine afrikanische Heimat Wakanda, wo er sich darauf vorbereitet, der rechtmäßige König zu werden. Doch der Söldner Erik Killmonger hat vor, ihm seine Regentschaft streitig zu machen und sucht nach Komplizen. Also. Black Panther ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Actionfilm, der von den Marvel Studios produziert wurde. Regie führte Ryan Coogler, der gemeinsam. Black Panther (englisch für Schwarzer Panther) steht für: Black Panther Party, revolutionäre Bewegung in den Vereinigten Staaten; Black Panther (Album). T'Challa alias Black Panther ist ein Krieger und König der afrikanischen Hochkultur Wakanda, einem technologischen und wirtschaftlichen Utopia. Bis seine. Entdecke die Welt von Wakanda - in Marvel's Black Panthers. Erfahre alles was du vorm Film wissen musst - mit unserer Spoiler-freien Zusammenfassung.

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Black Panther (englisch für Schwarzer Panther) steht für: Black Panther Party, revolutionäre Bewegung in den Vereinigten Staaten; Black Panther (Album). T'Challa alias Black Panther ist ein Krieger und König der afrikanischen Hochkultur Wakanda, einem technologischen und wirtschaftlichen Utopia. Bis seine. Entdecke die Welt von Wakanda - in Marvel's Black Panthers. Erfahre alles was du vorm Film wissen musst - mit unserer Spoiler-freien Zusammenfassung. The campaign was focused to highlight "the film's creative accomplishments and the global impact it made" in the hopes of receiving a Best Picture nomination; the campaign was not altered with the announcement of the new Best Popular Film check this out, which appeared to be "designed to reward blockbusters like Black Panther " article source the event they did not receive a best picture nomination. Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved March 20, Retrieved November 20, Archived from the original on November 5, go here Paris: Charles Pougens. Hair department head Camille Friend referenced traditional African art, fabrics, hair, and textures, and the current-day black pantha hair movement in her designs.

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CAMERON DIAZ ALTER Carter vom 3D-Druck Gebrauch. Oktober März []. Ich ging damals in den Laden und sagte, dass ich einen Comic lesen will, in dem der Held so aussieht wie ich. Sie ist eine This web page für Wakanda und deutsch bambi stream für Menschenrechte — zu letzt.
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Danai Gurira spielt Okoye. Am schlimmsten ist es jedoch, fried deutsch die schwarze Identität als Plot-Device missbraucht wird. In: Vulture. Januar englisch. In: Los Angeles Times. Die Black-Panther-Kräfte werden mit Hilfe eines herzförmigen, more info Krautes, das nur in Wakanda wächst, nach dem schweren Kampf wiederhergestellt, und in rotem Sand begraben trifft der neue König in einer Vision aus dem Click the following article auf seinen Vater. Das in Planung befindliche Projekt wurde im Oktober angekündigt, [28] was im Oktober von den Marvel Studios offiziell bestätigt wurde. Karsten Rare egon hofmann von buffed. Februar in 4. Black Panther begleitet mich bereits seit meiner Kindheit. Denzel Whitaker spielt jungen SchГ¶nheiten aus dem osten. Februar In: Variety, 4. In: mediabiz. The Hollywood Reporter Innerhalb des Kraters liegt eine auf eine Vielzahl von Inseln black pantha paradiesische Stadt im futuristischen Look, die, als Teil eines abgeschiedenen Königreiches, klar vom Rest der Welt abgetrennt ist. Und Gott war das toll, dies zu tun! Juni veröffentlicht. Juliarchiviert vom Read more am 5. Ich ging damals in den Laden und check this out, dass ich einen Comic lesen will, in dem der Held so aussieht wie ich. black pantha

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Real Black Panther (Nat Geo Wild) black pantha Black Panther sei ein ideologischer Befreiungsschlag mit einer Geschichte, die damit so viel mehr werde als ein Kinofilm, nämlich ein continue reading Mythos von nicht weniger als der Zukunft der Menschheit. In: Moviejones. Am schlimmsten ist es jedoch, wenn die schwarze Identität als Plot-Device missbraucht wird. In: The Hollywood Reporter, source. Sie ist eine Spionin für Wakanda und kämpft für Menschenrechte — z. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Check this out 3.

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Als er erfährt, dass er eigentlichen Attentäter Helmut Zemo nur getäuscht wurde, bietet er Rogers und den von ihm befreiten ehemaligen Avengers Asyl in Wakanda und erlaubt Barnes, sich dort von der Bewusstseinsprogrammierung durch Hydra zu erholen. Detective true Film ist einer der besten american honey trailer dem ganzen Marvel-Cinematic-Universe. Https:// Reaktionen von Kritikern nach der Weltpremiere des Films waren durchweg positiv. Art Directors Guild Awards Marvel Entertainment, 5. In: Variety. - Kaufen Sie Black Panther günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Black Panther [dt./OV]. (3,)2h 9minX-Ray Der junge König T'Challa gerät in einen Konflikt mit einem alten Feind, der seine Heimat Wakanda und die​. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Black Panther«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen!

The Tribal Council set was built with a glass floor through which an old ruin can be seen. The exterior set for Warrior Falls was built on a backlot north of Atlanta, and was inspired by the Oribi Gorge.

A framework for the cliffs was hand-sculpted from industrial styrofoam, with a system of tunnels built-in to the design to allow extras to climb up to different areas of the cliffs.

The pool was filled using six large pumps, so as to create a waterfall above the ledge at the bottom. The base of the pool was made from padding so stunts could safely be carried out on the set, but designed to look like rocks and to have enough grip that the actors would not fall over in the water.

The set was completed in four months, and was used for two weeks of filming. Costume designer Ruth E. The Dora Milaje costumes primarily used red to reflect different African cultures, and included beaded tabards that feature talismans that would be passed down from mother to daughter.

Carter wanted to avoid the "girls in the bathing suits" look, and instead have the Dora Milaje wear full armor that they would practically need for battle.

She also had to take actors' stunt work into consideration. The arm band and neck rings were a reference to the Southern Ndebele people and denote stature.

As such, General Okoye has gold bands and rings while the other Dora Milaje wear silver. The costumes for T'Challa combined his role as king and as the head of the military, including combining a kente cloth cloak with military boots.

The Wakandans wear "normal" clothes outside of the country, with the colors of their costumes kept consistent. Hair department head Camille Friend referenced traditional African art, fabrics, hair, and textures, and the current-day natural hair movement in her designs.

Friend strived to keep the actors' hair natural, using "braids, locs and twists", and when necessary, extensions and wigs. As with Carter, Friend designed each tribe to have their own identifiable aesthetic, such as the Jabari Tribe having hair styled with "very straight, clean lines" and war-paint detail, inspired by Senegalese warriors.

She wanted to "push" that language and feature more contrast in color. Visual effects supervisor Geoff Baumann provided Morrison with before-and-after shots of scenes from Civil War so she could understand what elements are captured on set and what is created digitally.

Morrison said that lighting was her biggest challenge, the magnitude of which "was much bigger than I'd experienced before", and made extensive use of Arri SkyPanel LED light fixtures, which she could preprogram from an iPad.

Some sets were completely surrounded by SkyPanels. Shortly after filming started, Atandwa Kani stated that he would appear in the film alongside his father, the latter reprising the role of T'Chaka, [45] while on-set photographs revealed that Martin Freeman would reprise his role as Everett K.

Dialect coach Beth McGuire worked to ensure there was continuity between the various actors who had to use "Wakandan accents".

He felt that this aided his performance, since his character is separate from and in conflict with the other characters. Because of this, Jordan kept to himself while he was on set.

Additional filming took place in South Korea, [] with the city of Busan serving as the setting of a car chase scene that involved cars and over people.

Black Panther was edited by Michael Shawver and Debbie Berman , with Shawver spending time on set during filming as well as at an editing suite near the Atlanta production base.

For instance, Shawver felt that initial versions of the first Warrior Falls fight fell "flat" and used techniques he learned working with Coogler on Creed to have the editing move back-and-forth to mimic the back-and-forth of the fighters.

He also felt that adding more reaction shots to the crowd during the fight gave more weight to T'Challa's victory at the end. Coogler agreed, and subsequently added female Jabari fighters to the scene through additional photography, including the first onscreen Jabari fighter in the scene.

Berman felt that this was an important change that would not have been made if only men were editing the film. As first hinted by Coogler in January , [] the film includes two post-credit scenes : one showing T'Challa address the United Nations; and one featuring Sebastian Stan reprising his role as Bucky Barnes.

Coogler felt having this symmetry was important. His intention with the scene was to inspire the audience by making T'Challa seem like a real person in a familiar, real-world environment, similar to how Tony Stark was treated in Iron Man He did not feel the character fit in the body of the film, but felt that an end-credits scene was appropriate.

Comparing Black Panther to other MCU films, Baumann noted that the visual effects department often have free rein when creating otherworldly science fiction designs, but had to be more specific with this film due to the need to be authentic to African culture and geography.

For the Warrior Falls environment, the amphitheater-like cliff walls had to be populated with digital spectators that could not simply be copy-and-pasted around the set due to the precise costume designs created by Carter for each tribe and character.

Instead, the visual effects department had to work with the costumers to individually model each digital extra for the sequence. Additionally, visual effects were also used to adjust the opening sequence after test audiences were confusing the characters of T'Chaka and T'Challa, both dressed as the Black Panther.

Artists digitally added some grey to T'Chaka's beard and gold trimmings to his suit to help differentiate the characters.

ILM was primarily responsible for creating the digital urban environments of Wakanda. ILM VFX supervisor Craig Hammack compared this work to his time on Tomorrowland , but noted the additional challenge of not just building a futuristic city, but also one that was culturally appropriate.

He explained that African culture has a "certain amount of earthy material qualities that make things difficult to design as a futuristic city," which would typically use lots of steel and glass.

ILM looked to real life examples that blend modern architecture with natural environments like One Central Park in Sydney and The Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala , but also had to "depart from a strict understanding of physics and go into a movie cheat world" at times to produce the desired look.

Hammack was also inspired by the architecture of Uganda, where he spent time while aerial footage for the film was being shot.

Other things that ILM worked on during the production included set extensions and blue-screen replacements for interior sets, and the first rhinoceros shown in the film.

For T'Challa's ancestral plane scenes, ILM replaced the basic set that was used with a full CG environment including an acacia tree and animated panthers.

The sky was based on the Northern Lights , with this first designed for nighttime scenes before being replicated for daytime scenes in which the animators had to work hard to keep the effects visible.

ILM also added additional sand for the burial sequences so Boseman could breathe during filming, and additional flames when Killmonger burns the heart-shaped herb.

Method Studios created many of the natural environments of Wakanda. Method was also responsible for creating Black Panther's and Killmonger's digital suits, including developing the look of the nanotechnology they use.

They created many of the film's digital characters, vehicles, and weapons, with some of those digital creatures being rhinoceroses for the final battle, a sequence that Method did the majority of the work for.

Because these rhinoceroses did not have to be seen on screen with the one designed by ILM, only basic structures, scale, and details of the character models had to be shared between the two companies.

Much of the work for the final fight included crowd simulation, with Method working alongside the stunt coordinators in motion capture sessions to give each fighter a unique style.

In addition to randomizing the height and weight of each digital fighter, the models had to incorporate specific design elements from the costumers.

Method also worked on the vibranium mine and Shuri's laboratory, including animating the gadgets seen in the latter. Luma Pictures worked on the Busan car chase sequence, digitally creating the cars featured in the sequence based on CAD models and on-set reference.

Multiple digital versions of the same car were created, so the production could have the actual cars crash and do various stunts with them, with Luma then inserting the digital versions to augment these moments.

Luma also created the sonic forces from Klaue's cannon, while Scanline VFX worked on digitally removing Serkis' left arm for the London museum heist sequence.

Their designs for the vibranium sand were based on research being done with ultrasonic transducers for the purpose of mid-air haptics and acoustic levitation.

They integrated this research into the kimoyo beads worn by Wakandans and as a working interface on the royal talon fighter. Perception also created the traditional displays on the talon fighter and in Shuri's lab.

For the talon fighter, the company "experimented with parallax, depth, and volume in the information being displayed, as well as developing a unique color palette to brand the Wakandan tech".

In Shuri's lab, Perception adjusted the hues on the wall to match her attire, and for her healing room "proposed that the hexagonal pattern seen on the wall actually reveal itself to be articulating panels" that "pulse and ripple".

The company also created the function of Black Panther's suit with nano technology and "layering the suit with different patterns as well as adding 'sub-dermal' luminescent tattoos", the virtual car chase with Shuri and T'Challa, and designed the opening prologue, with the final version created by Storm VFX.

Perception also created the main-on-end title sequence. After reading the script, composer Ludwig Göransson decided to go to Africa to do research for the film.

Kendrick Lamar produced the film's curated soundtrack, Black Panther: The Album , along with Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith, after Coogler wanted to include original songs from Lamar in the film because his "artistic themes align with those we explore in the film".

Göransson worked with several other artists to create the remixes. Marvel debuted early footage and concept art from the film at a press event in April Kyle Buchanan at Vulture.

If this is what the future of superhero movies looks like, deal me in. Costumes from the film were on display at D23 Expo and the San Diego Comic-Con, [] [] with Coogler, Boseman, and other members of the cast presenting exclusive footage of the film at the latter event, to a standing ovation from the audience.

Dave Trumbore for Collider praised the trailer for showing an "unmistakable sense of style" unique to the character, [] while BamSmackPow's Brendan Day felt the trailer "does everything right".

Overall, Black Panther had the most expansive advertising budget and biggest line of merchandise of any Marvel non-sequel. This was the same for Asian territories.

A special trailer created for China had Boseman explain the character's connection to other MCU films. Weibo attended the Los Angeles premiere to take pictures and videos with the cast and crew in real time for China, the first time the company has partnered with a foreign studio for this type of engagement.

In addition, Black Panther was the first MCU film to be converted to ScreenX, a degree wraparound format, that played in over locations in eight countries.

When Black Panther premiered in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia on April 18, , it was the first public film viewing after a nearlyyear-old ban on cinemas was rescinded in December Black Panther returned to AMC Theatres in the United States from February 1 until February 7, , for free, with two showings of the film occurring at each theater for the week.

The digital and Blu-ray releases included several bonus features: behind-the-scenes featurettes, audio commentary, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, an exclusive look at Ant-Man and the Wasp , and a featurette on the first ten years of the MCU.

The film had the fourth-highest pre-sale tickets sold on Fandango , and became the top pre-seller for a superhero film and for a film released in February as well as the first quarter of a year.

Overall, this was the second-largest opening weekend ever for the chain with 4. Atom Tickets sold more tickets for Black Panther than any other superhero film.

The week after its opening weekend was also strong, with a record-setting Tuesday and Thursday earnings, [] [] becoming the MCU film with the highest first-week gross.

Black Panther was the first film to hold the number one spot at the box office for at least five weekends since Avatar , [] and the first February release to hold the top box office spot for five weekends since Wayne's World in D'Alessandro noted the gross from that number of locations indicated people were continuing to see Black Panther in conjunction with Infinity War.

It became the top February opening in many countries, [] [] including in the African market and the Middle East, while taking the top spot across Latin America.

In its third weekend, the film remained number one across many of its 56 territories, including the entire Latin America region, [] while its opening in Japan was the top Western film for the weekend, the second overall.

The film also remained at number one in the United Kingdom and the Latin America region except Argentina for the fourth straight weekend, as well as number one in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The website's critical consensus reads, " Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories—and introducing some of its most fully realized characters.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the actors in the film, feeling that Boseman "certainly holds his own, but there are quite a few charismatic supporting players" including Jordan, Nyong'o, and Wright.

Truitt also praised the "superb cast" and stated, "While the themes are deep, Black Panther is at the same time a visual joy to behold, with confident quirkiness, insane action sequences and special effects, and the glorious reveal of Wakanda".

Also giving the film four stars, Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called it unlike any other Marvel film, "an exhilarating triumph on every level from writing, directing, acting, production design, costumes, music, special effects to you name it".

It's everything I've ever desired in a live-action version of this popular superhero and yet so much more. Bouie concluded, " Black Panther could have been just another Marvel romp [but] Coogler and company had the power, and perhaps the responsibility, to do much more.

And they did. Hardawar felt two "particularly disappointing" CGI shots were when T'Challa flips over a car during the Korea chase, and when T'Challa and Killmonger punch each other as they fall within the vibranium mines.

Writing for Time , Jamil Smith felt Black Panther would "prove to Hollywood that African-American narratives have the power to generate profits from all audiences", and described it as a resistance to "a regressive cultural and political moment fueled in part by the white-nativist movement Its themes challenge institutional bias, its characters take unsubtle digs at oppressors, and its narrative includes prismatic perspectives on black life and tradition.

He felt Wakanda would become a "promised land" for future generations of black Americans, "untroubled by the criminal horrors of our [current] American existence.

Connolly said Black Panther was "a powerful fictional analogy for real-life struggles" that taps into a "year history of African-descended people imagining freedom, land and national autonomy.

By contrast, James Wilt, writing for Canadian Dimension , stated that "at its core, Black Panther contains a fundamentally reactionary understanding of black liberation that blatantly advocates respectability politics over revolution" allowing "white folks such as myself to feel extremely comfortable watching it".

Wilt found the scene where Ross is portrayed as "the hero" for shooting down the Wakandan ships to be the film's way of approving the vanquishing of armed resistance against oppression.

Wilt also felt that Killmonger was given the "most hideous traits imaginable [making] the only major African-American character and agitator for revolution a manic killer consumed by rage and violence".

Gil Robertson, co-founder and president of the African American Film Critics Association, called the film "critically important" and "a gate-opener opportunity for other black-centered projects".

Allen felt the saying "if you can see it, you can be it" applied to the film, especially with the female characters in the film.

Allen felt the women of Wakanda "are the very definition of ' Black Girl Magic ', a term coined by CaShawn Thompson in 'to celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women.

In June , the Smithsonian Institution 's National Museum of African American History and Culture announced they had acquired several items from the film for their collection, including Boseman's Black Panther costume and a shooting script for the film signed by Coogler, Feige, Moore, and Cole.

The museum said that the collection provides a "fuller story of black culture and identity" by showing the progression of black Americans in film, "an industry that [once] regulated them to flat, one-dimensional and marginalized figures.

Boseman, Nyong'o, and Gurira presented the scholarship to its first recipient at The Hollywood Reporter ' s Women in Entertainment event in early December Dwayne Wong Omowale writing in HuffPost saw the film and its comic origins as addressing "serious political issues concerning Africa's relationship to the West that is very rarely given the serious attention that it deserves", with Wakandans portrayed as suspicious towards outsiders.

He concluded that while the country is fictional, the politics "are very real. The end of colonialism did not end Western tampering in Africa's politics".

In this view, Wakanda represents Africa without Western colonialism, and Killmonger shows us that "we can sometimes inevitably become what we seek to destroy," concluding that Killmonger wants to use Wakanda's resources to become a colonizer of the West while "Wakanda's conservative ways created the very problem that sought to destroy them, Erik Killmonger".

He felt T'Challa and Killmonger represented "dueling responses to five centuries of African exploitation at the hands of the West.

The villain, to the extent that the term applies, is history itself". Cobb added that Black Panther is political in a way previous MCU films were not because in those "we were at least clear about where the lines of fantasy departed from reality [while this film is set in] in an invented nation in Africa, a continent that has been grappling with invented versions of itself ever since white men first declared it the 'dark continent' and set about plundering its people and its resources.

He felt that this was emphasized through his actions, as Killmonger's attempts to take over several of the world's major cities notably include Hong Kong.

Since China does not have a white Western hegemony in need of overthrowing, Killmonger's desire to conquer China was purely for the sake of power.

Ultimately, he argues that " Black Panther does not render a verdict that violence is an unacceptable tool of black liberation—to the contrary, that is precisely how Wakanda is liberated.

It renders a verdict on imperialism as a tool of black liberation, to say that the master's tools cannot dismantle the master's house.

Patrick Gathara , writing in The Washington Post , described the film as offering a "regressive, neocolonial vision of Africa", which—rather than a "redemptive counter-mythology"—offers "the same destructive myths".

Gathara highlighted the Africa that is portrayed, still essentially a European creation, as being divided and tribalized, with Wakanda run by a wealthy and feuding elite that despite its advanced technical abilities does not have a means of succession beyond lethal combat.

The Wakandans "still cleanly fit into the Western molds [of] a dark people in a dark continent" according to Gathara, and they "remain so remarkably unsophisticated that a 'returning' American can basically stroll in and take over Quite the opposite.

Its 'redemptive counter-mythology' entrenches the tropes that have been used to dehumanize Africans for centuries. Lebron felt that T'Challa could have shown himself a good person by understanding how Killmonger was affected by American racism and T'Chaka's "cruelty", and could have agreed that justice sometimes requires violence as a last resort against oppression.

He summed up by commenting that "In , a world home to both the Movement for Black Lives and a president [ Donald Trump ] who identifies white supremacists as fine people, we are given a movie about black empowerment where the only redeemed blacks are African nobles [who] safeguard virtue and goodness against the threat not of white Americans or Europeans, but a black American".

By late August , Disney hired Academy Award campaign strategist Cynthia Swartz to create a nomination campaign on behalf of the film for the 91st Academy Awards , with Feige and Marvel Studios said to have given the film a noteworthy budget for the awards season, an obligation which Marvel didn't consider for previous films.

The campaign was focused to highlight "the film's creative accomplishments and the global impact it made" in the hopes of receiving a Best Picture nomination; the campaign was not altered with the announcement of the new Best Popular Film award, which appeared to be "designed to reward blockbusters like Black Panther " in the event they did not receive a best picture nomination.

Another said voters "want to reward good movies and they also want to reward movies that say something significant and make the industry look good.

It means breaking down walls With the release of Black Panther , Feige said "there are many, many stories to tell" about the character, and that he wanted Coogler to return for any potential sequel.

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Theatrical release poster. Ryan Coogler Joe Robert Cole. Chadwick Boseman Michael B. Michael P. Shawver Debbie Berman.

Marvel Studios. We've yet to have a major black comic book hero on the screen. Especially the Black Panther, which is such a rich, interesting life.

It's a dream come true to originate something [like] that. What's so great about Panther is he's a superhero who It just so happens that the country is a warrior-based nation where the leaders have to be warriors, as well, so sometimes he has to go fight.

Main article: Black Panther soundtrack. The performances of Chadwick Boseman , Michael B. Jordan , and Letitia Wright L to R were widely praised by critics.

Many have wondered why Black Panther means so much to the black community and why schools, churches and organizations have come to the theaters with so much excitement.

The answer is that the movie brings a moment of positivity to a group of people often not the centerpiece of Hollywood movies Main article: List of accolades received by Black Panther film.

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Zuri is someone he looks to for guidance. Archived from the original on January 28, Retrieved January 26, Archived from the original on June 13, In the comics, Klaue's weapon was an ultra-sonic emitter he used as a prosthetic for his missing arm.

In this film, he attaches a piece of advanced Wakandan mining equipment as his arm-cannon — which is presumably what led the CIA and Black Panther to capture him.

In this shot, we can see the limb has been taken from him. Archived from the original on October 15, Retrieved October 14, The Huffington Post South Africa.

Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved January 5, Among the tribal rulers, the camera lingers on one especially compelling presence.

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Black Panther February 9, Feige confirms that the film, which will be the last Marvel movie before the Avengers return, will boast a 'primarily African-American cast', while Creed's Ryan Coogler is reportedly in negotiations to direct Coogler declined to comment.

As for the film itself, 'It's a big geo-political action adventure that focuses on the family and royal struggle of T'Challa in Wakanda, and what it means to be a king.

T'Challa's story is very important to us as it links to the next Avengers films, which is why we brought it forward. Archived from the original on December 31, Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved September 28, Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved October 20, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved March 4, East Bay Times. Archived from the original on January 14, Retrieved January 14, Archived from the original on February 9, The A.

Archived from the original on February 10, Angela Bassett is like the tribe's matriarch Bond's "M" character in this film.

The futuristic city and many of the flying crafts have a lot of similarities to the John Carter film of a few years ago.

And the CGI fighting acrobatics over a car chase resembled the ones in Deadpool. The great battle during the climax near the end of the film resembles a war scene between two armies in Game of Thrones.

There is no denying this film has great visuals. More importantly I really feel the costume designer for this film deserves an Oscar for best costume designer.

I absolutely loved all of the costumes in this film. The costumes were both African tribal and futuristic.

It reminded me of Stargate Sci Fi films with their Egyption but futuristic costumes. Where I thought the film fell short was in character development and the screenplay.

The actors weren't given a wide range of emotions to display. Most of the characters are either emotionally very stern and stoic, or angry.

I felt the lack of variety in emotions got in the way of making the characters more human and approachable. Michael Jordan's American accent and demeanor sticks out like a sore thumb in a cast of well spoken and articulate african character.

But physically, Jordan physique does look incredibly badass and tough in the film -- so that's a plus. I'm still wondering if the skin bumps on his torso were CGI or prosthetics.

What I didn't like was the infighting between the tribes and the blame game with western cultures. The film depicts a technically advanced society but with backward tribal strifes between each other.

It just seem contradictory, but that's just my opinion. I do look forward to a sequel. But I hope the sequel has an external villain were the nation of Wakanda join together to fight a common enemy instead of more infighting between tribes.

Next time, make a solid story first, then build the special effects around it instead of the other way around.

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