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Nichts bringt ihn so schnell aus der Ruhe. Willi ist sehr nett, offen, hilfsbereit und ehrlich. Er wirkt manchmal schon sehr weise und reif für sein Alter.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Kategorien :. Abbrechen Speichern. Mary is Sarah and Chase's cousin, a humorous, independent girl who doesn't let the fact that she is blind get in the way of her positive attitude and independence.

Mary appears in the episode "A True Gift. She loves horses, riding, and the outdoors. Mary's horse is Prince, a white Thoroughbred stallion who is said to be the fastest horse ever to come to Horseland, a 'fact' that causes Scarlet to get jealous and worried that she'll be replaced.

Sarah temporarily rode him in Scarlet's place in order to make sure that he was a good enough horse for Mary.

He also has a white wavy mane and tail with light blue highlights. Talia is a talented but mean-spirited girl who is both confident and competitive.

She appears in the episode "Changing Spots" and is the premier show jumper at Stanhope Academy, Horseland's biggest rival. She is Alma's nemesis, and the two show special animosity towards each other after they get in a fight about who deserves to win an upcoming competition.

Talia's horse is Kisses, a beautiful Camarillo White Horse mare. She is an excellent show jumper, but is never given a chance to speak to any of the other horses.

Her highlight color is light pink. Chase is Sarah and Mary's cousin who comes to visit in the episode 'The Secret. Chase has light brown hair and blue eyes.

His horse Wonder is a dark bay Anglo-Arabian stallion with green stripes. Wonder never talks to any of the horses in the episode.

Jasmine and Amber are two of Molly's close friends from the city. Both of the girls are confident, loud, and playful, and enjoy having a good time all the time.

Neither of them go to Horseland, but do express an interest in horseback riding. Despite frequently teasing Molly, the two are genuinely supportive of her interests.

Amber is African-American, and has dark brown eyes and long wavy hair. Jasmine is of an Asian ethnicity, and has light hazel eyes and dark-colored hair.

Linnea is a princess that visits Horseland in disguise, pretending to be the princess' assistant, while Alexia, her maid, pretends to be the princess.

Both have light blonde hair, blue eyes, and favor the color light pink, although Alexia is much shorter than her companion.

Throughout the episode, Linnea becomes close friends with Sarah. Linnea's horse is Windy, a mare who looks like Talia's Kisses and wears an ornate bridle.

She also has a volumous wavy mane and tail. She doesn't understand English and only speaks her native tongue, and fails to respond to any of the other horses' attempts to speak to her, causing them to think she was rude.

Diablo is a red Welsh stallion with an injured back leg who belongs to a girl named Madison. He initially has aggressive and rude behavior and was brought to Horseland so that Sarah could use her "way with horses" to try to help him recover.

His only appearance is "The Horse Whisperer". His name means " devil " in Spanish. He also has a wavy mane and tail. He is voiced by D.

Kevin Williams. Puma is a buckskin mustang stallion staying at Horseland to be tamed by Will. His mane and tail are black with white stripes.

His only appearance is in the episode "Wild Horses". He tells Aztec about what it's like living in the wild, which prompts Aztec to run away.

Puma, however, loved the wonderful treatment he was given at Horseland. It is mentioned that he loves oats , which is shown in the same episode.

These horses are met by Aztec when he runs away from Horseland. The two identified by name are Chaco, a black mustang stallion who doesn't want Aztec on their territory, and Mesa, a cream colt that befriends Aztec.

Other horses in the herd are a pair of bays, Mesa's cream mother, and a brown paint female. They all have plain manes and tails.

River is a famous racehorse stallion that comes to Horseland to recuperate from a leg injury. He is dark grey with a white mane and tail, and has periwinkle stripes.

His only appearance is "A Horse Named River", during which it's revealed that he's become an elderly, unenthusiastic horse, nothing like the speedy youthful stallion Chili's been a fan of his whole life.

He was younger and belonged to an unnamed girl in flashbacks. Cream is a white-colored colt that has light pink stripes and his sister, Sugar, is a light gray filly that has light blue stripes.

They are fraternal twins, and only appear in the episode "Oh, Baby". They visit Horseland when their mother was sick and couldn't take care of them.

Win or Lose" and "Taking the Heat", each containing 2 episodes. All of the DVDs included trailers for other cartoons, bonus features, and interactive menus.

These releases have since been discontinued and are out of print. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Horseland TV series Couleurs.

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Andy Heyward Michael Maliani. The kids reminisce back to when Sarah first arrived at Horseland. The Stiltons are eager to make friends with a fellow wealthy girl, while the others assume she's going to be another rich, mean snob like Chloe and Zoey.

However, Sarah turns out to be truly nice and selfless, and the others have to realize they'd jumped to unfair conclusions about her character.

Alma gets cocky over the fact that she's the best jumper at Horseland and thinks she's too good to practice for an upcoming competition.

However, when the course is changed at the last minute, Alma finds herself radically unprepared for the challenges ahead of her, and this competition turns out to be one of the most difficult ones the riders have had to face yet.

During jumping practice one day, Molly is thrown off Calypso and becomes too scared to ride her anymore.

As the days go by, Molly shows up to the lessons but is too overcome by her fear to even get on her horse, despite Molly wanting nothing more than to ride her.

However, when Scarlet is struck with a serious case of colic , Molly must learn to get over her fear in order to ride to the vet and retrieve the help Scarlet desperately needs.

Fed up with Chloe shirking her responsibility of cleaning out Chili's stall, Alma decides to trick her by saying a bracelet Chloe had lost was in the stall and that she'd have to clean it in order to find it.

Later, on a hike, Alma spies a wolf, but nobody believes her because of the way she lied to Chloe earlier.

Alma returns to the spot she last saw the wolf to get proof, but Button gets spooked and runs away, leaving Alma stranded to fend off the wolf by herself.

Everyone except Bailey goes on a trail ride, and Chloe and Zoey are assigned the job of putting out the camp fire.

Unfortunately, they don't do a good enough job and accidentally cause a forest fire, putting Will's leadership skills to the test. Will they make it to safety?

Sarah, Alma, Molly, and Zoey are assigned to doing musical kur for an upcoming competition, but Calypso struggles with learning the routine.

Worried that Molly and her horse will mess up during the competition and embarrass her and Pepper, Zoey tries to get Molly to drop out by convincing her that Sarah and Alma want to drop her from the routine anyway.

Unfortunately, Molly takes it as a sign nobody wants her around Horseland anymore and plans to leave the ranch forever.

After Pepper is accidentally injured during a competition, Zoey turns her back on her, fearful that Pepper will be put down and unwilling to deal with the pain that would come from that.

Pepper becomes depressed and unmotivated to get better and ride again when Zoey stops coming by to see her, which only adds to Zoey's fears about losing her.

It's up to the rest of the Horseland gang to reunite both Zoey and Pepper before the two give up on each other, and their lives at Horseland, for good.

Chloe lies to everyone about jumping over a parallel oxer so she can impress Bailey. Her fib succeeds in impressing him, but it soon escalates to the point where reporters come to Horseland for a meet to watch her make the jump, since it is rare that such a young rider can perform it.

Chloe decides to practice the jump the night before the competition, but Chili sprains his leg during the process.

The next day at the meet, Chloe must either come clean with her lie, or attempt another jump and endanger the lives of both her and Chili.

The Junior Nationals are coming up and the theme of the competition is western riding. Horseland must pick one rider to represent them, and the gang begins to compete to see which one of them will go to the nationals.

Soon, however, they learn a famous music star will be a judge at the competition, and they let the chance to win and meet their favorite singer take priority over their friendship.

What started out as a fun opportunity to compete may end up costing them their friendship. The girls are given the task of learning lateral dressage and Sarah especially is determined to learn it.

Rather than take it slow, she pushes Scarlet and herself to too hard and ends up spraining Scarlet's leg during practice. Convinced that Scarlet is unable to learn it and unwilling to accidentally hurt her again, Sarah decides to give up her determination; but when she and her friends are stranded in the middle of a river during a fierce thunderstorm, Sarah realizes that her determination may be the only thing that can save them.

Molly invites her friends from the city to watch her perform at an upcoming competition and to meet her friends at Horseland.

However, she is afraid that they won't like each other due to the fact her city friends are all about goofing off and having fun while her friends at Horseland are dedicated and serious about work.

When her city friends become lost on their way to the competition, Molly drops out of the competition in order to find them, with the help of her friends at Horseland.

Will leaves for one day to help Bailey's folks for the parade, leaving Bailey in charge. The power ends up going to Bailey's head, however, and his desire to do well in their performance drives him to act harshly to the others and bark orders at them like a dictator.

When a storm hits, Alma continues to practice when the others head inside so she won't upset Bailey. Unfortunately, the storm spooks Button and causes her to run off with Alma in tow.

It's up to Bailey and Sarah to now work together and go find her before it's too late. Sarah's blind cousin, Mary, comes to Horseland for a visit.

Sarah is busy training a new horse, so she lets Mary take care of and ride Scarlet while she is visiting. Bailey, Molly, and Alma are concerned with leaving her by herself, however, so they constantly follow her around offering to do everything for her.

When the four of them get lost on a new trail at night, they soon begin to realize that Mary is not as helpless as they think she is.

When Alma discovers that her pen pal and love, Alexander, is going to visit Horseland, she's worried that she won't be good enough for him.

Chloe and Zoey attempt to help her impress him, but their plan backfires. Then Alexander and his horse falls down a steep ravine which Alma saves him and she finds out that she was good enough for him.

When a new boy, Jesse, comes for an extended visit to Horseland, Bailey is overjoyed to have a boy his own age to hang out with. When he starts neglecting his friendship with Alma, Molly, and Sarah, though, tension grows.

Chloe and Zoey, always jealous of his relationship with the other girls, go out of their way to ensure that much of his time is spent with Jesse.

When Horseland is chartered for the birthday party of the annoying Ethan Simon, though, the friends must get back together to organize the party.

The Horseland gang is excited to go on the Twilight Trek, an annual outdoor campout during the course of which horses and riders are expected to bond.

Calypso has a hot spot, however, that prevents her from being ridden. Chloe, who is also unable to go due to a cold, offers to let Molly ride Chili instead.

The two initially don't get along, but become friends after a close encounter with a bear. A once-wild horse named Puma comes to Horseland, and talks of his life in the wild.

This makes Aztec also want to run away and be free. He manages to sneaks away, but comes to find out that life away from civilization is a lot harder than he expected.

Meanwhile, Bailey is distraught with worry for his beloved horse. Eventually, the two are reunited, and Aztec decides that he prefers life at Horseland.

Meanwhile Sarah is at Stanhope Riding School but later decides to stay with her friends at Horseland.

An elderly horse teaches Chili about a horse's innate herd instinct, a form of magic, and how it is beneficial for the whole group of horses.

While the other members of Horseland vie for a broadcast internship, competing fiercely with each other, Sarah tries to re-train Diablo, a stallion injured in a jumping accident for her friend Madison.

Shep recalls over the course of a winter, the beloved barn cat of Horseland, Mosey, is becoming very old and sick. He eventually gets hit by a car and passes away while Sarah is asleep, and she spends all night searching for him until she finds out herself.

Too heartbroken to even ride Scarlet, she spends the following days sulking. One day she lets out her feelings to Will while grooming Scarlet then he comforts her.

Spring comes and Will asks her to nurse a small piglet she then names him Little Mosey and feels ready to ride again.

Chloe and Zoey blame Sarah when things start disappearing around the stables, and the tension threatens their riding teamwork for an upcoming important parade.

Scarlet then finds out a crow is responsible for the missing items after witnessing it take a coin and fly away. While on a ride, Zoey finds an injured bluebird that has been attacked by a hawk.

She tries to nurture it back to health, and forms a bond with it. Despite her attachment to the bird, though, she fails to see that keeping such a bird caged is bad for a wild animal.

Shep, Angora and Teeny find a way to teach her a lesson in compassion. An equestrian fashion designer comes to Horseland, and the gang is thrilled to model for the subsequent photo shoot.

However, the clothes are impractical and too dangerous to ride in. The kids must speak up before someone gets hurt.

The riders go to France for an international exhibition and Sarah's father encourages her to befriend an Indian rider named Simbala, but the two seem to have nothing in common.

Alma, Chloe and Zoey strike a deal: Alma will be more competitive during an upcoming show jumping competition if Chloe and Zoey will be nice.

When Alma has to face a rude super-competitive rider from Horseland's bitter rival, Stanhope Academy, though, she's not sure that being untrue to herself is such a good thing.

Zoey accuses Molly of spreading malicious gossip about Sarah, even though it's not true. The friends become divided, and give Molly the silent treatment until the truth is revealed.

But Will tells them that Chase is Sarah's cousin. Chase helps them prepare for an upcoming dressage show, but refuses to read the directions.

Chloe and Zoey think that he is illiterate, but it is revealed that he is, instead, dyslexic. Zoey especially jumps to conclusions, which leads to a rivalry for a leadership role between the two girls.

The two then have a cross country race to see who will be the team leader for an indoor cross country course. At the end they become good friends.

The Horseland gang discovers that their beloved meadow may be used as a construction site, and vow to stop the development. Bailey finds a lost puppy, Cubby, and decides to adopt him.

However, both Alma and Shep begin to act jealous and, as usual, something's afoot. Chili's idol, a famous racehorse named River, comes to stay at Horseland.

However, River is retired, causing Chili some concern. A heavy drought has hit Horseland and the surrounding countryside, and water is scarce.

Chloe doesn't seem to care — until she's led to believe that she used up the last drop. Chloe and Zoey are thrilled to be able to run Horseland's website, but their reporting rarely sticks to the truth, and rumors start spreading.

They don't think anything of it until the Animal Health and Safety Department shows up and threatens to close Horseland down.

Molly gets her first cell phone, and loves it. But can she stop chatting long enough to care for Calypso and spend time with her friends?

Twin baby foals come for a temporary visit at Horseland while their mother recuperates. The kids lavish much of their attention on the adorable foals, making all the horses, especially Calypso and Aztec, jealous, but Scarlet really cares about the foals.

The Horseland gang is set to ride in a "Heritage Days" parade.

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Horseland Deutsch Video

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Good night, Will! When Sarah kissed him, Will felt his self in a dream, he couldn't believe what happened, maybe it's not the true kiss that he's dreaming about and just a soft kiss on the cheek, but it really meant alot for him!

His face turned to red and said "Good night, Sarah! Then went to his camp. He felt him self like a drunk.

Not feeling anything, not listening to anything! He closed his eyes and went to sleep in few seconds, and of course he was dreaming of her!

Will kept walking and walking back in his room, asking him self if he asks Sarah to another date or not. Will felt him self burning and emabressed, he was talking about Sarah and he thought that she will understand that he's talking about her, but she didn't!

He just can answer that question honesly, he can tell her that "She's the one who's dating me, it's you, Sarah.

It was the perfect chance to tell her! Sarah didn't understand what was Will trying to tell her, so she didn't seriously think that he's in love with some other girl, and she didn't think that he was talking about her either!

She was so confused.. Will took a long time because the line up was long. Sarah waited alot. But she didn't complain about anything.

She doesn't want him to hate her. A weird hand covered Sarah's mouth, while Sarah was trying to scream and shout for Will to come and save her from this weird guy.

Will couldn't hear Sarah, but finally he did, he got the food and went to her, but he didn't find anything!

She dissapeared! Where could she go? If anything happened for her then I'll never ever forgive my self for this!

Will felt scared about Sarah, his one true love, the girl that he can't live without! He just can't take it when some one hurts her.

Will looked around, his blue eyes started to get a little wet with tears. Will can't cry on anything, but he can cry just about Sarah.

Suddenly, Will found Sarah's phone throwed on the ground. He opened it, and he found a note saying: "If you wanna get back your little girly, then call me on this number Hold on!

Just hold on I'll come and save you as soon as possible, don't worry Sarah I'll come and save you! Then, the guy came up, walked into Will.

Will stood in his place, didn't move. He was enough brave to face them. Because you can tell the police about us anytime and we can be in danger because of you two, so you must be done.

Later, the evil band got reported, Will got his money back, the police cars still around the place, while it's getting dark in the city.

Sarah held Will's hand. I need to have a talk with Will. Can you wait for us in the car Bailey? Bailey left. The important thing now that we are safe, here's your phone.

Will said. That girl that you were talking about when we were walking in the park.. That girl loves you.. His face turned to red, but then he kept looking at Sarah's eyes while she kept looking at his eyes too.

Then Will hugged Sarah into him, so soft, so strong, the hug that he always wanted to do to his one true love. Will asked Sarah, smiling, getting her a little more closer to him, still looking at her light blue eyes.

Will's dream finally came true, he finally got her. His aunt and her husband for sure will not mind a sweet girl like Sarah, and Sarah's parents won't mind Will either.

Sarah enjoys Will's company and misses him when he's not with her, he does too, always can't wait to see her, always can't breathe without her.

Their love stood for years, actually, forever, and it was not the love that gets broken faster, because their love is true, pure and un-brokable.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Horseland. Sarah and Will are going on a date. But something happens for Sarah.

Please read all the story and give me your reviews! Chapter 1 : Meeting under the rain Sarah was alone at the street in that clouded day.

What are you doing alone in this place at this time? Sarah blushed and refused, but she wanted to go with him in her self.

I'll wait for any taxie here, thanks for your help anyway. Do you wanna stay here all the night? Get into the car, come on, Sarah!

She got into his car with a blush on her face, saying: -You really didn't have to do this, Will. Will smiled. While they were in the car, they were silent.

Will knows Sarah, she's always silent and soft. Will laughted. They finally arrived at Sarah's home. I don't know how to get it back to you.

Sarah blushed and kept looking at Will's deep blue eyes. I don't know.. I was wondering if you wanna..

I thought you're always just a friend to me.. A good friend. That's why I asked you to go out.

You're hanging out with Bailey, so why not me? Can you think tonight and tomorrow you can tell me about this? Chapter 2 : A Hope -Why are you so late tonight, sweetie?

Will blushed a little and said to cover his lie: -Umm.. I'll get it later? Go to your room now and change.

The dinner is almost ready! Will entered the room and opened the door. Bailey, his young cousin asked. Will looked at Bailey's face and smiled while hugging him: -Of course you're like my brother, Bailey.

I'm sorry. I was with Sarah. You finally did it! Way to go, cous'! I just found her alone in the street and drived her home, that's all. Did anything happen?

I asked her to go out. I knew that you did it! Will screamed when his face turned to red. Stop it!

Won't you come to dinner? Will shouted. But you know that it gets him angry when you act to him like that. Chapter 3: She accepted! Will's phone ringed.

Will fell down of his bed, and looked at the clock, it's 11 am now! Damn it he slept alot! Will answered his phone: -Hello?

Will jumped. Good morning! So what's your answer? Will couldn't hide his crazy happy feelings, and laughed: -Thanks Sarah!

Thanks alot! You know this really means alot to me! Sarah laughed. Sarah closed her phone. Smiled and said to her self: "I can't believe this!

I'm finally getting out with HIM! Bailey wake up! Listen, you can't believe this, Sarah accepted! Way to go cousin! What makes you think of that, aunty?

Will blushed. Finally she is actually understanding me! Chapter 4: Preparing "Is this shirt good?

Then he stood up in front the mirror doing his hair, and saying in the same time: -Mirror, mirror, mirror, will I impress my girl tonight? Will kept doing his hair.

I mean.. You will tell her? And what makes you think that you will have the courage enough to tell her too!

I'm not even sure if she loves me. I'm totally sure of that. Then Will started bothering him up a little.

Stop changing the subject. She likes you. And I know that you like her too. You know that you will admit it at the end.

Bailey's face turned to red. Bailey kept silent. We'll talk about this later, ok? Will left the room. Gosh, they're always fighting aren't they?

Chapter 5: Going out Will knocked the door of Sarah's house. Sarah opened the door. Because now, she's the gentle lady.

You look stunning tonight! So do you. Sarah blushed. Will opened for her the door of his car. Then Sarah tried to cover her blush, and speak seriously, to get what in her mind out.

That's really sweet. She thought that she opened it up to him more than normal, so she tried to cover it up and said: -And the important thing that you won't pay too much for the food too, you know I don't really wanna waste all your money on a stupid date.

They finally arrived at the restaurant. The restaurant was huge. They got in. Will and Sarah blushed in the same time.

She's not my girlfriend. I'll get you the food as quick as I can. The waiter left. Will broke up the silent between them.

I wanna give you something. You really didn't have to. She jumped of her chair saying: -Will this amazing! It's really beautiful!

Thank you Will! I really mean it! Will said, trying to stay calm in his chair. I'm really glad that you liked it too.

Will smiled, still blushing. Couldn't believe what just happened. Then the food came. They started eating and talking sweetly, soft and calm.

They arrived at her home. It was really an amazing night. Sarah got off the car. Will said while he was still in his car: -Umm You still have my phone number?

And thanks alot for the jewelry too, I can never forget this. Will smiled: -Good night! While Will was in his car, he called Bailey in the phone.

What happened? Did you kiss her? Did you tell her? But in the next dates, I hope. Chapter 6: Softness in a camping trip The riders wanted to go to a pic-nik on their horses, so they did, Will, Sarah, Bailey, Chloe, her young sister Zoey, and Molly and Alma too.

They finally found a good place where to stay and eat food together. These sandwiches are delecious! Who made them again?

Zoey said to her sister. Bailey blushed a little like he always does while talking to Chloe, and said: -I like peanut butter and jelly.

Chloe smiled. Bailey smiled too while looking at her light green eyes and her long strawberry blond hair. The friends really loved it at the picnik.

But then, the sky turned to grey and a cold wind came up. Bailey said. Zoey screamed. Er hat kurze, blonde Haare und blaue Augen.

Seine Kette mit dem Hufeisenanhänger hat er immer um den Hals hängen. Er trägt immer eine dunkelblaue Hose und einen Gürtel. Willi hat zum Reiten noch braune Handschuhe und hat, wie Benny, normale Schuhe an.

Er hat wohl die meiste Erfahrung und die weisesten Worte, weswegen er die anderen auch des Öfteren zurechtweisen muss.

Zudem hat er eine Leseschwäche. Willi hat einen guten und ehrlichen Charakter und ist sehr professionell.

Genau wie Sarah hat er die Angewohnheit, sehr selbstkritisch zu sein und macht sich oft schwere Vorwürfe, wenn er einen Fehler macht.

Nichts bringt ihn so schnell aus der Ruhe. Willi ist sehr nett, offen, hilfsbereit und ehrlich.

Horseland Deutsch

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