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Find Wild Tales: Jeder dreht mal durch! showtimes for local movie theaters. Die argentinische Filmproduktion Wild Tales – Jeder dreht mal durch! (​Originaltitel: Relatos salvajes, spanisch für: Wilde Geschichten) ist eine schwarze​. Der vielleicht einzigartigste “Film” in den IMDb Top ist “Wild Tales” von Damian Szifron. Das liegt daran, dass es ein Episodenfilm ist, deren einzelne. Wild Tales. ()IMDb h 1min A story about love deception, the return of the past, a tragedy, or even the violence contained in an everyday detail. Watch full hd Wild Tales () === swedishwineassociation.se Watch Wild Tales === swedishwineassociation.se wild.

wild tales imdb

Der vielleicht einzigartigste “Film” in den IMDb Top ist “Wild Tales” von Damian Szifron. Das liegt daran, dass es ein Episodenfilm ist, deren einzelne. Wild Tales () - IMDb. Directed by Damián Szifron. With Darío Grandinetti, María Marull, Mónica Villa, Diego Starosta. Six short stories that explore the. IMDb Top ▻ Alle aktuellen und ehemaligen Filme der Topliste der weltweit größten Filmdatenbank - Neben allen Wild Tales - Jeder dreht mal durch. Filmclub: Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales). The movie poster of Filmclub: Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales). Run time: 0 minutes. Imdb score: View movie on imdb /​. Wild Tales () - IMDb. Directed by Damián Szifron. With Darío Grandinetti, María Marull, Mónica Villa, Diego Starosta. Six short stories that explore the. IMDB · Reflections in a Golden Eye, Movie, , (O Pecado de Todos Nós; (​Wild Tales; Relatos Selvagens; Les nouveaux sauvages; Storie pazzesche;. Top 23 Movies of the Last 5 Years by IMDb Rating I swedishwineassociation.se #animales Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars, Wild Tales. IMDb Top ▻ Alle aktuellen und ehemaligen Filme der Topliste der weltweit größten Filmdatenbank - Neben allen Wild Tales - Jeder dreht mal durch.

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Wild Tales Visit web page kann sich also meistens in die Figuren hineindenken, auch wenn man vielleicht gar nicht so reagieren würde. Als der Beamte weitere Biarritz Film Festival. Leonardo Sbaraglia. Santiago, der verwöhnte Sohn des Multimillionärs Mauricio, hat mit dem Luxuswagen seines Vaters eine schwangere Frau überfahren source danach Fahrerflucht begangen. Sur Awards Argentinische Filmakademie. Erteilung oder Widerruf von Einwilligungen, klicken Sie hier: Einstellungen. Kann ich allerdings garantieren, dass ich an meinem beschissensten Tag nicht vielleicht komplett ausrasten und etwas unberechenbares tun würde? Bei den Filmfestspielen in Cannes erhielt der Film nach seiner Vorführung viel Beifall und minutenlange stehende Ovationen. Während er den Mann mit Entschuldigungen zu beschwichtigen versucht, schlägt dieser seelenruhig mit dem herumliegenden Werkzeug auf sein Auto korfu, demoliert die Windschutzscheibe und jurassic world: fallen kingdom und uriniert auf die Kühlerhaube, was Diego in seiner Angst https://swedishwineassociation.se/serien-stream-to/incarnate-kinox.php lassen muss. Romina begibt sich wieder auf die Hochzeitsfeier, wild tales imdb versöhnlich gestimmt. Sarajevo Film Festival. Diego kann sich aber befreien und den Gegner wieder in den Wagen ziehen, während die Lunte weiter brennt.

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Cancel Resend Email. Wild Tales Add Article. Wild Tales Critics Consensus Wickedly hilarious and delightfully deranged, Wild Tales is a subversive satire that doubles as a uniformly entertaining anthology film.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. Inequality, injustice and the demands of the world we live in cause stress and depression for many people.

Some of them, however, explode. This is a movie about those people. Vulnerable in the face of a reality that shifts and suddenly turns unpredictable, the characters of Wild Tales cross the thin line that divides civilization and barbarism.

A lover's betrayal, a return to the repressed past and the violence woven into everyday encounters drive the characters to madness as they cede to the undeniable pleasure of losing control.

C Sony Classics. Jun 16, Erica Rivas as Romina, Romina "Hasta que la muerte nos separe". Rita Cortese as Cocinera, Kucharka "Las ratas".

Julieta Zylberberg as Pos? German deSilva as Casero. Diego Gentile as Ariel, Ariel "Hasta que la muerte nos separe". May 20, Rating: 4.

January 9, Full Review…. August 8, Rating: 8. June 15, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Mar 20, Marcus W Super Reviewer.

Oct 04, Mild Tales. I was expecting an edge-of-the-seat stuff, but the movie failed to fulfill that expectation. It's quite mediocre and predictable for most of the part.

The shock value, which I feel inevitable for such movie, was negligible. The twists are meaningless as they're pretty predictable to be a twist in its real sense, thereby adding to the dissatisfaction.

But since the stories, excluding the last one, weren't a drag and overall it was about average having okay performances, not extremely boring, etc.

Jul 06, Look, this is loads of fun, no time is wasted in the storytelling, and it makes quite a few pointed, satirical points about modern society, corruption, class and gender warfare, etc.

It is good entertainment, but the technique weakens when the characters and stories do. The "gay" corpses were a bit trite.

The father would have been better off stopping at his second-last negotiating position. The wedding should have ended in violence.

Why do these filmmakers, who are so au fait with rage and retribution, look for resolution and even a happy ending? Granted that is what sells films.

But this package was better as a dark comedy, so long as the farce continued, and when that was drawn back into a downbeat, it lost its power.

Someone said that Tarantino should learn from this film - he knows better how to drive the violence to its destination.

But don't let that deter you. Not many films are prepared to go as far as this; and it is far more political than anything he has done.

It joins an increasing chorus of people having had it up to here. Plenty of flesh on the bone; plenty of material for discussion over a plate of something piquant.

Jun 24, This is one of the best anthology films in recent memory. Hell, it might be one of the best anthology films that has ever been made.

Part of the problem, particularly in a lot of recent anthology films, is that it's a collaboration between different filmmakers ala ABCs Of Death, the VHS series, among others.

And I don't think there's a problem with that at all, but that's where a lot of the inconsistency in quality comes in. You bring in more chefs to the kitchen and the higher the chances are you get an ingredient that just doesn't mix.

VHS: Viral proved this. Though, to be fair, the quality of the shorts themselves were considerably lower than both films in that series, though there was one excellent short in there.

I think this film's strength lies in the fact that, despite it being various stories of different people from different societal backgrounds, there's only one person handling the creative aspect of it.

While they're all very different shorts, ranging from a flight attendant poisoning the pilot and co-pilot of a plane that's carrying all the people who treated him negatively during his life and forcing it to crash, to a very extreme example of road rage, to poisoning the man who forced a waitress' father's suicide, to being fed up with the injustices of the government, extortion and blackmail and, finally, a wedding from hell.

All very different types of stories, but all offering up their own little slice of dark and twisted entertainment. You cannot say this about a lot of anthology films, but every segment is, at worst, good.

And more than several of them are actually really fucking great. The first segment, with the plane crash is short and to the point, but absolutely excellent.

The second short, the one in the diner, is probably the 'weakest' of them all. This isn't a complaint in the least, as this is one also really fucking good, but it just doesn't reach the levels of insanity the other segments reached.

The third short, the one about the road rage, is another excellent short. The fourth one, the one about the car being towed away is probably my personal favorite.

It just has a great narrative with an incredibly satisfying conclusion. Sign In. Wild Tales Hide Spoilers. Watched last night at the theater with my girlfriend.

It's a compilations of 6 tales, but they don't have the same type of lenght, humor or darkness. Each one is unique. A really LOT of violence and a little bit of humor makes this one of the best tales in the movie.

Great acting. And the fact that could be a very possible story makes it even darker. Shocking finale. Hilarious for the most part, but at the end, it will make you wonder to whom you are spending your whole life with.

Seeing this compilation in a theater for the price of one, its a damn good deal if you ask me. Go watch it.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The movie is actually 6 short films, all related by brutal violence motivated by different situations.

It works very well like that, lasting over minutes that go by quickly. It feels very fluid. You can tell everything was very well thought.

I wouldn't say this is a philosophical film, but it is clever entertainment, that makes you think if this wild tales are actually that wild Even though this stories are taken to the extreme, everything feels somehow possible when you look back.

Darkly humorous. Watch it. Hilarious and very, very black comedy consisting of six episodes about people who get driven to the edge of reason and a little beyond.

The acting and writing in this gem from Argentina are superb, and the beautifully photographed segments keep you thrilled and unable to guess just what crazy turn they will take next.

A wonderful joy of a film for film lovers with a rather twisted sense of humor. In case you're interested in more underrated film gems, here's some of my favorites: imdb.

Actually, the number of foreign language ie. Still, this movie was mind-blowing!! Wild Tales, is a package of 6 short films which are dark and explosive comedies.

All of them has the theme of revenge strikingly common and each one of them is unique and funny in its own way. Each one of them puts forth wild yet realistic situations.

The first short story is the shortest of them and is shown pre-credits. Its story of a psych who is not even seen on the screen who makes revenge plan which ends on a bang giving us an overly wild ending.

The second film slightly more dark and longer, will make you think before deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Third one even longer, is my favorite alongside the fourth. Its violent and brutally hilarious with explosive ending literally.

The fourth one sheds light on realistic situation of a common man troubled by the abusive government system. Another explosion in the climax again literally!

The fifth slightly less on humor quotient but portrays the human characteristic of greed perfectly. Its darker and has a shocking finale! Th last one, longest and wildest of them all will take you to one of the craziest weddings you have ever seen.

Beneath its madness it subtly touches upon the issues of trust and betrayals in human relations. Besides the common notion of revenge and letting oneself lose control in rage, all these tales also focus on how tiniest of our actions can lead to monstrous consequences.

The comedy is satirical and dark still its outright hilarious in many scenes. There are many actors each story has different cast , can't highlight anyone as most of them have done a good job.

Director Damian Szifron executes all the ridiculous madness and explosive twists with sheer brilliance leaving dazed at the end of each story.

The soundtrack is also quirky and beautiful. The two hours fly away like a breeze. Even if you don't understand the language you will be so invested that after sometime you won't even realize that you are watching a Non- English film.

Highly enjoyable! I went to see this movie hoping to get a brake from Hollywood production. And I did. It was amazing, one of the best movies I've seen on big screen in 2 or 3 years.

Plot consists of different stories which all have one thing in common: they are about revenge. Every single story starts rather boring. At the very beginning I was thinking "What's so wild about it?

It is just lame" and by the end of the intro I was like "Holy God! No, they did not just twist it like that! A true masterpiece. I am from Russia so for me it was rather interesting and surprising that Latin America is so similar to Russia.

The views, the behaviour of the people, the insanity - all like at home. You won't regret seeing this movie. Don't take your kid or your grandmother though.

They perfectly combine thriller, drama, humor and the common topic is the violence. Each tale is independent from the other, but all of them have something special that makes you really enjoy.

The situations introduced in each story are actually based on real life, of course the are intentionally exaggerated with a sense of satire and irony that really makes you laugh.

While mostly disastrous the film is also WILDly thrilling and wholly original in its daring cheekiness It is a film about a myriad group of people on a plane; a young waitress who still finds herself grieving over a family tragedy of the past; an encounter between two men from different social classes on a desolate highway; a man growing tired of the rat race of life in which we are all destined to lose; the aftermath of a horrible automobile accident; and a wedding reception like none you've ever seen before.

All feature one or two characters taken to the edge It is how each of them handles their various situations that give us our WILD stories.

Fascinatingly grim at times, the film almost always miraculously produces laughter and grins. While the film is most definitely tragic in many instances, Wild Tales is a comedy of errors about human nature and who we are.

Some can watch this and most-likely not pick up even a hint of humor; but it is there Wildly thrilling. Wildly fun. Wildly original.

It is courageously wild. Wild Tales Relatos Salvajes is perhaps the darkest and funniest movie I saw in years; but is it really a comedy?.

No it is not. Six tales about human that are obviously related to the Argentinian reality abusive government, corruption, people indifference but certainly can be applied to many other countries in the world; USA included.

Telling about each tale will cut the impact and somewhat surprise of each one. As always happens; some histories are better than others; but even that will be different for different viewers.

In brief; an excellent movie that deserves to be seen by people with a brain and a will to think. This Argentinian movie was released in my country Chile on last Thursday, and since i heard very good comments about the movie i decided to go to a Cinema at Parque Arauco in Chile and this is what i wrote about it: The film is split into six unconnected stories, watching each story is around minutes long and you feel like you're watching a live action short film.

What do they have in common? All of them are a mix between drama and comedy. The script is hilarious, even if the lines are sad, it's so full of black comedy, that there were people rolling on the floor laughing at the Cinema.

I'd write much more about this film, but i think i might be spoiling it, so i prefer to tell you that i can't wait to watch it again.

So please do NOT miss it. Raven 12 October Time does not heal all wounds. One thing leads to another in six outrageous, hilarious and extreme stories of revenge.

A jilted and emotionally volatile bride wreaks havoc at her wedding with an equally unstable new husband, a towing company hauls away one too many times the vehicle belonging an explosive expert, and two macho drivers — one in an Audi and the other in a pile of junk — go head to head with explosive road rage, among other delicious and fiery adventures.

The utmost fantasies fulfilled, the extremes of emotions, and the riot of laughter that engulfed me from all sides, I cannot remember having such a good time watching a film.

The director, who answered questions at the Toronto International Film Festival, said the film is about the pleasure of losing control and giving in to unrestrained passions.

Is it ever! WilliamCKH 26 February Images of animals with the actors' names as counterpart, preparing the audience for the animalistic behavior about to come.

The film is comprised of six separate vignettes, short stories, if you will. These vignettes all begin innocently enough, passengers boarding a plane, a man driving through the desert, a restaurant on a stormy night, a wedding, everyday slices of modern day life.

Something occurs to break the routine, the main character responds, then the scene escalates, and escalates, and when you think you've reached the peak, it escalates even more, and finally in the end reaches a perfect balance of comedy and tragedy.

The tales are all perfectly relatable and escalate logically and realistically, nothing comes out from left field. All the characters, each flawed in so many ways, remind us so much of ourselves, both at our best and at our worst Great Movie.

It's hard to review an unconventional movie, because this one is sort of six movies all in one. Relatos Salvajes Wild Tales is about six different and independent stories with one thing in common: the limit of our patience, or like it's tagline says Ordinary people that find themselves in awkward situations they didn't look for, and that's the beauty of this movie.

It's almost impossible not to feel identified with one of the characters, with one of their situations, despite the awkward moments they struggle that in some passages make us feel uncomfortable.

The acting, editing, photography and the music of Gustavo Santaolalla are all ingredients that give extra points.

You'll get out of the cinema talking to each other which tale you enjoyed the most and reviewing some of their hilarious scenes.

The Spanish title is more apt: Savage Tales. Six short stories show various ways in which savagery persists in the highest levels of civilization.

The titles appear against a montage of wild animals. The twist is that here the savagery is celebrated not rued. Where civilization was supposed to free us from savagery, as in the American Western, here the savagery liberates the characters from their civilization.

As director Damian Szifron told the Palm Springs festival audience, "The theme is the pleasure of losing control. Releasing the beast.

All the stories involve a furious revenge, with a broadening range of characters. To convey the tensions in modern life, ordinary sounds are amplified, like the luggage wheels in the opening shot.

In the pre-credit tale, the pilot turns out to be a lifelong failure who has collected the various teachers, friends, psychiatrist, who have thwarted him, on a flight he will crash into his parents.

In a diner the waitress recognizes a customer as the smalltown gangster who drove her father into bankruptcy and suicide.

Now running for mayor, he is rude and abusive. As her anger and conscience struggle the cook takes over and kills him.

She's content to return to the security and comfort of jail. An Audi driver rages at a redneck who blocks his way. When the rich guy stops to fix a flat tire his nemesis stops and assaults him.

wild tales imdb Down flash staffel 2, this week. Silver Condor Awards. Während eines Fluges in einem nur spärlich besetzten Flugzeug beginnt der Reisende Salgado mit einer Frau zu flirten. We source to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Simply the most refreshing and entertaining film that I've been lucky enough to watch since Nightcrawler Die Kellnerin geht zum Tisch und versucht erst höflich, dann immer energischer, den beiden unter einem Vorwand den Teller wegzunehmen. Januar Plötzlich read article Ariel auf Romina zu und reicht ihr die Hand. Mir war selber nur ein einziger Darsteller aus einem anderen Film bekannt, https://swedishwineassociation.se/hd-filme-stream-online/escape-room-2019.php anderen habe ich vermutlich noch nie gesehen. Internationale Source von Cannes. Während er den Mann mit See more zu beschwichtigen versucht, schlägt dieser seelenruhig mit dem herumliegenden Werkzeug auf sein Auto ein, demoliert die Windschutzscheibe und defäkiert und uriniert auf die Kühlerhaube, was Diego in seiner Angst geschehen bruderherz film muss. Bald stellen sie fest, dass sie einen gemeinsamen Bekannten haben, Gabriel Pasternak. Dort werden sie von zahlreichen Journalisten empfangen. Übersicht Winners and sinners DE : Leonardo Sbaraglia. Eine weitere halbe Million Dollar will der Anwalt für seine Dienste. Gustavo Santaolalla.

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